We are pleased to introduce our Featured Artist for November, 2015, Sue Stanton.

Sue is a contemporary artist utilizing watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink.  Her artistic interest began at the age of 5 when her grandmother, an oil painter, draped a smock around her neck and placed a brush in her hand.  Endless explorations of nature and personal observations reinforce her passion for drawing and painting.  Her art is characterized by intricate line work and attention to detail.  Stanton’s work has been included as featured artist, juried shows, and storefront displays.   She has illustrated and published a personal journal, donated several pieces to charitable auctions and much of her work is in private residences.  Stanton lives and works in Port Townsend, Washington.

Below is a sampling of Sue’s work. For contact info and more of Sue’s work, please visit her website at

Flying South