You may be asking yourself, “what exactly is Steampunk?” Well, basically, Steampunk is the sub-genre of science fiction which refers to the steam-powered machinery of the 19th Century Victorian era in Britain and the American Wild West; a style of fiction writing which sometimes creates the image of what life would be like in a post-apocalyptic or futuristic fantasy world powered by steam engines and odd mechanical contraptions, and the art, architecture and dress of the people who would inhabit this world.

Modern day Steampunk is a subculture which emerged sometime in the mid-1980’s, and the trend has become increasingly popular amongst people of all ages. For many it is a philosophy and way of life, with it’s own eclectic style of fashion ranging from Victorian Gothic to the leather and lace of Pirates to the fantastical and whimsical. Imagine if you will the visuals conjured up by early Steampunk influenced writers Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and recent films such as the Return to Oz, Hugo and Golden Compass (to name just a few) and you will get an idea of what the Steampunk subculture is all about.

The Brass Screw Confederacy is a Port Townsend-based Steampunk association who organizes the annual festival. Visit their website for more information.